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At which Conventions are we present?

We will be very happy to see you at our booth at the conventions (see list below) too. As a surprise, we will also have merchandise at our booth that you won't see in our Webshop. Also, you can place your order and pay/pick up at the next convention where we will be present. You will find this option during the process of placing an order. :)

Please keep in mind that this list is not finished yet, and can be updated with new events.

List for the year 2019:

Event: TomoFair Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Date: 5-1-2019 and 6-1-2019 (
More info)

Event: TomoFair Rotterdam (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)  
Date: 23-2-2019 (More info)

Event: Tomocon (Oss, The Netherlands)
Date: 13-4-2019 and 14-4-2019 (
More info)

Event: Nishicon (Almelo, The Netherlands)
Date: 25-5-2019 and 26-5-2019 (
More info)

Event: DoKomi (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Date: 8-6-2019 and 9-6-2019 (
More info)

Event: AnimeCon (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Date: 14-6-2019 and 16-6-2019 (
More info)

Event: TomoFair Utrecht (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Date: 29-6-2019 (
More info)

Event: Atsusa Summer Fest (Ghent, Belgium)
Date: 3-8-2019 (
More info)

Event: Abunai! (Veldhoven, The Netherlands)
Date: 23-8-2019 until 25-8-2019 (
More info)

Event: Dordtse Matsuri (Dordrecht, The Netherlands)
Date: 31-08-2019 (
More info)

Event: TomoFair Nijmegen (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Date: 28-9-2019 and 29-9-2019 (
More info)

Event: ANCON (Bochum, Germany)
Date: 16-11-2019 (
More info)

Event: Comic- und Manga Convention (Münster, Germany)
Date: 23-11-2019 (
More info)

Regarding Connichi 2019: This year we unfortunately will not be present at Connichi because of limited available space.
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